Join the greatest Street Fighter 6 players in the world as they battle for a spot in the world finals at Capcom Cup X. Players will gather from around the world for Capcom Pro Tour 2023 and battle it out to qualify for a spot at the Capcom Cup.

The IMPACT Series by LEGION will be part of Capcom’s World Warrior circuit, where the best players from Spain and Portugal will face each other in 5 tournaments and one on-site final in order to get a spot in the Capcom Cup X.


The tournaments will be open to players from Spain and Portugal, there will be 5 tournaments in total and each one will give points to their participants according to their position.

All tournaments will be held on Sunday and will start at 16:00 CEST. Registration will close on the Thursday before the tournament at 22:00 CEST.

Each event of the competition will have a 1,000€* prizepool distributed as follows:

1st  – 600€
2nd – 300€
3rd – 100€

*All prizes will be subject to Spanish law and applicable withholding taxes.



From August to November, World Warrior participants will have the opportunity to score points in leaderboards by participating in their respective regional online local events.

In December, the (8) participants with the most points in their region will compete in a Top 8 Final to determine who will be the regional champion and earn their spot at Capcom Cup.

The five regional tournaments will culminate at a regional final featuring the TOP 8 players from the local leaderboard. The winner of the regional final will earn a spot at Capcom Cup X.

The regional final for the Spain & Portugal region will be held in Barcelona on 3rd December, the organisation will manage the travel and lodging for the 8 qualifieds. There will be 3,000€ in prizes distributed among the 8 participants and the winner will obtain a spot at Capcom Cup X.


Players will receive a prize payment form if eligible for prizing, they must complete this form within 90 days. All prizes will be subject to Spanish law and applicable withholding taxes. 

The hospitality of the 8 qualifiers for the regional final will be managed directly by the organisation.

WIFI and PLC connections are not allowed.

The admins have rights to DQ any bad connection reported or players who have connectivity issues.

In the event of any discrepancy between the rules, the rules of the Capcom Pro Tour will prevail.